Fax Services Changing The Phase Of Business

Fax machines have become museum pieces in many places and there are people who do not even know as to how it functions. With growth in information and technology, there have been great changes in everything in life. Communication is one major field which has seen the maximum. With growing needs and expectations of customers, the developments are also scaling up high. It is only the fax machines that have become monument pieces now and definitely not their services. There are only changes in the way it is being done and the services very much exist.Fax or a telecopying machine helps in transferring documents and papers from one end to the other through a telephone line. This is the basic function of a fax machine. In the initial days these machines were used in factories and offices in sending or receiving data which incurred huge cost and consumed lots of office time. But with rapid developments and advancements there came a change in the concept and working of these machines and the latest to rule the present day fax world is the internet faxing facility.

Before going further about internet faxing, let`s stop to take a look at how the entire process of sending or receiving a document happens with the basic model.


  • The document that is to be sent to a different place is first scanned by the machine.

  • Now the images of the document are read thoroughly and converted to signals easily readable by the machine.

  • Now this signal is sent through the telephone line to the other end through a telephone connection on the other side.

  • The receiving machine, decodes the signals received and produces a final document as it was sent originally from the sender`s end.


This is how documents and data were sent using the fax machines. But there are few advantages in this process.


  • The document that is being sent might be hacked by the hackers and if it is an important company document, there are chances for misuse.

  • Again since these machines do not save a copy of the file sent, it might become difficult to recover them in the future.

  • They depend greatly on telephone lines and power connections. So if there is a problem with any one of them, the process might get disturbed resulting in an incomplete job.


Now to overcome these demerits, technology had to be upgraded and there arose a need for a more secure system in place. Business is all about papers, documents and data and all of which are of high importance and hence need to be maintained properly with high caution. In such cases, transfer of documents through a fax machine might sometimes be fatal. This was when the internet faxing services came up as a ray of hope to large businesses where the number of transactions/ per day is more.

Internet fax – a brief

Before diving into the advantages and disadvantages of internet faxing, let`s get to know a few things about this new technology and it’s working.Internet faxing services work on the same basics and principles of a facsimile transaction but it uses a web interface in place of a fax machine. It is rated one of the best, flexible, reliable and cost effective option in sending and receiving data and information in a confidential manner. A person who decides to use the internet faxing method, gets a separate fax number assigned to him and he is required to sign up to this whenever he sends or receives documents You can get some useful information about a Fax Services you need to see this site https://www.faxburner.com/.

A detailed description

Now to send a fax using the internet,

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This way of sending an important document will not only be safe and secure but will also have a duplicate copy stored in the backup of both the receiver and the sender for future reference.


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